Saturday, May 12, 2007

Honey, start the grill

I went to start the grill yesterday and look what I found! It's a robin's nest. They built this in a couple of days. They got in thru the space in the back. I closed the lid and waited for Dee to come home. Jacob asked Mom to start the grill for the lamb chops. Surprise! Good thing we opened it before we started it. That part was fun, but the clean-up wasn't. Yuk!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007



Sunday, April 15, 2007

Back in Michigan

The road becomes dark as you slam into a big pothole, shaking loose the rust and snow, we cross the state line. I'm driving 70mph on wet snow covered pavement with traffic passing me on both sides. Yes, we are back in Michigan.

We had a great time at the resort. With temperatures 75 to 80 on Thursday and Friday, we spent our mornings at the pools, and our afternoons at the beach. We played volleyball, walked in the ocean, and flew the kite. There are restaurants and shopping a few blocks away. We ate at a seafood bar called Duffy’s. We had crab, shrimp, oysters and clams. Kellie is a crab eating machine. Of course, Jacob had a cheeseburger.

The trip home was no picnic. We left S.C. with no issues. That is until we entered a town in N.C. called Rockingham. The speed limit on highway US 220 is 70mph. As you approach the town it changes to 50mph, then a stop light. That's where he got me. 73 in a 50. As I took off from the light, this Ford Mustang Police car pulls me over (how ironic). He was a nice enough fellow reducing my ticket to 63 in a 50, so I don't have to show up in court. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Out of state plates = $. He could have pulled anybody over. I wasn't going any faster than the next guy. I looked up the city's web site. Do you know it cost $20 to get married at the courthouse? The court costs for my ticket are $110 with a $30 fine. That's one expensive rubber stamp.

Rain turned to snow as we worked our way north on 77. The road was barely visible with conditions near white-out as we merged onto the Ohio turnpike. I white knuckled it at speeds of 35mph. It was as if we were in a huge swarm of white insects. It was coming down almost horizontal. The only thing visible was the tail lights in front of me. The further north we traveled the drier it became. Isn't it mid April? So much for global warming.

We arrived home in one piece. The dogs were groomed and the house was spotless. Thanks Grandma. How many more trips does the old van have in it? The rust is getting worse. There are holes thru the metal now. Maybe just one more year. That's what we've said the past 3 years!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Greetings from Myrtle Beach

After the premature death of Kramer, the drive down was easy sailing. It took us 13 hours to get to South Carolina and we stayed at a comfort inn inside north Myrtle Beach. We all slept in the next day and killed some time at barefoot landing. Barefoot landing is a local outdoor shopping complex built over water. It features alligators and local birds with restaurants and shopping. We ate at a place called Dick’s Last Resort. The theme of this restaurant is they dish out more than food. You are greeted at the door with an insult from the hostess. Then they seat you at long banquet style tables with other parties. One girl asked for a lemon for her tea and the waiter threw about 8 wedges at her saying “is that enough lemon for you?” they also make these corny paper hats and try to embarrass you by making you wear it. Our waiter kept his comments to a minimum with me. I think he sensed I could go toe to toe with him and he was to busy for that. Jacob wanted to “give the whole restaurant a piece of his mind” Kellie didn’t know they were joking. Dee got up to use the restroom located in the middle of the dining room, only to find a brick wall, with a rooten tooten cowboy painted on it. The food was OK with the ribs being the best.

Our check-in at the Wyndham ocean blvd. resort was a lengthy one. We are one the fourth floor overlooking the pool across from the ocean. The room is incredible. It’s probably the best condo we’ve had so far. Very roomy and clean. It even has an oversize Jacuzzi tub.

For Easter dinner we had ham with pineapple sauce, baked potato and corn on the cob. After dinner we went across the street to the beach. We walked down the street to do some shopping. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a little warmer so we can go to the beach and lay out. Right now we’re gonna watch employee of the month. Check out the photo album.

K & D

Friday, April 6, 2007

Kramer R.I.P.

Today we left for our vacation to Myrtle Beach. As we were last minute packing at 5am, we went to say goodbye to our cockatiel Kramer. OMG! HE"S DEAD! What a way to start a vacation. It's good Friday too. Everyone was crying. Melissa was crying the most. Jacob said that Kramer was a good friend and this sucks. Kellie and Jackie were just playing with him last night and he seemed normal. Maybe the sudden temperature change killed him. Dee says it's her fault. She's the one who moved him by the window. I said it's my fault. I've been ignoring him lately because he was too attached to me. Maybe he died of a broken heart (YEAH RIGHT!) He probably od'd on millet. He wouldn't eat anything else. When we get back we will have to get another one. This time it will be a grown bird. A baby is too much work. Any name suggestions?

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Welcome to Kevin and Dee's backyard theater

Hello from Michigan. This blogging thing is pretty new to us, so it might take some time to get it right. We hope to keep everyone informed about our future movie parties and schedules by posting the info here. Also, I'll try and illustrate some of the technical details I've learned about my hobbies. The photo link has some pic's from last year's movies and other stuff. We hope to add more pictures as we go. If you have any suggestions for a movie please leave us a comment. So bookmark us and check back soon. We hope to see you at our season premiere memorial weekend.